Cavalry Fire Protection Services offers complete design services including "AutoCAD" reproducible plots for evacuation plans, converted to PDF format for ease in view, printing, and traceability. We provide emergency evacuation plans, and building diagrams

Insepection and Maintenance

We provide monthly, annual and emergency 24/7 services. We offer management of total fire protection and life safety for your home or business

Fire Safety Audits

We keep our customer in compliance with state fire safety laws. Our systems meet NFPA standards. Contact us today to make sure your business is protected from fire and the law

24/7 Emergency Service

Cavalry Fire Protection services is available 24/7 for any fire safety emergencies. Our life safety surveys and emergency evacuation plans will assure that you business is in full compliance with NFPA standards. Call us or Visit us on the web for immediate response to your fire safety needs

Monthly Inspection of Fire Extinguishers

Our experienced field technicians are knowledgeable and skilled at catering to your fire safety needs. We offer monthly inspection services that will keep you at ease of mind and compliance with state safety laws

Additional Services Includes:

  • Annual Re-Charging of Fire Extinguishers
  • Annual Re-Certification of Fire Extinguishers
  • Re-Certification and Inspection of Standpipe Systems
  • Servicing of computer room fire suppression systems including pre-action systems, wet sprinkler systems, Halon & Halon alternative systems including CO2, Inergen and FM-200 systems
  • Replacement of Fire Cabinet Glass and Accessories
  • Testing and Maintenance of Fire Equipment

Schedule An Appointment for Services Today!

Contact us and our team will provide an immediate response to your service needs. We provide 24/7 Emergency Services and look forward at assisting you with your fire safety needs