Fire Extinguishers

Cavalry Fire Protection Services offers a wide variety of fire extinguisher products offered by the top brand names in the Fire Protection Industry such as Amerex, Badger, Ansul, Advantage and more! We offer all types and sizes of products such as ABC Chemical and Multipurpose extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Accessories

Not only do we supply extinguishers, we offer a full line of fire extinguisher accessories including cabinets, strikers, and exit signage. Our expertise and product knowledge sets us apart from the competition. Our volume purchases gives us the unique opportunity to offer a variety of fire suppression systems at a great price for our customers.

Chicago Approved Exit/Stairs Sign & Emergency Lights

The function of exit signs are for the general public to easily find the exit or emergency route in the event of an emergency situation. Let us provide the inspection and service of your fire safety equipment to make sure that they are working properly. We have a wide variety of a product lines for exit and emergency units for your facility. Call us for immediate delivery.