We provide a system that meets your capital needs, provides customer responsiveness and value added services for cost effective operation and maintenance. We offer all Class A, Class B and Class C Fire Extinguishers and can offer our customer great details on ordering in large quanities

Dry Chemical and Halogenated

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about providing the right equipment for the right situation. Contact us and find out if  your business is prepared for a fire emergency

Repair and Installation

We can assist with keeping your home and business safe and in compliance with the NFPA fire safety laws. With our monthly and/or annual maintenance inspections, we can repair and install your fire protection equipment with ease

We offer a full line of Fire Extinguishers that will fit any needs


questions about which types of fire safety equipment that you need?

Our skilled technicians are available to help you make the right decision on choosing your fire safety equipment. Contact us and we will help you to place an order that will ship fast right to your door